Amanbo Registered User Agreement


14th May,2015


Welcome to register as a user of Amanbo platform! Please carefully review this agreement, and only accept the agreement to continue to register.

    Amanbo is a B2B & B2C integrated e-commerce platform which independent development, operation by Shenzhen Right Net Tech Co., Ltd. and mainly targets at African and Chinese importers and exporters.

African or Chinese importers search for products they are interested in through Amanbo, and through the Amanbo platform to place an order to buy imported products. Chinese or African manufacturers / exporters display product through Amanbo, let buyers find the products’ faster and more convenient that they were going to buy. Through the role of a bridge, finally realize in the largest trade interests and benefits.

This agreement applies to users of Amanbo, if you use the Amanbo website including, but not limited to, any form of connect, access, visit Amanbo, or the services, functions of Amanbo, etc. Your use will be regarded as knowledge, recognition of the full contents of this user agreement and agree to abide.

I. Recognition of the Terms of Service

The customer service is owned, operated and managed by Amanbo platform. Amanbo platform service will be enforced in strict accordance with the constitution, terms of service and operating rules. Users click "I agree" button through the registration process, it means that users agree with Amanbo platform agreement and accept all the terms of service.

1. Buyer Users
    a) Amanbo site offers the buyers’ users a wide variety of product information and presales product advisory service, buyer users can book products through the online store of Amanbo, quantity, model number, and related information must be selected. Upon receiving order information of product orders, Amanbo contacts and follow up buyers.
    b) Buyers can contact online customer service solving related problems when they have failed to find satisfactory products and services through the platform.
    c) Buyer users in the use of Amanbo platforms will comply with the relevant laws and regulations, as well as formulated by rules governing the use of the Amanbo platform, they will not maliciously damage the interests of others.
    d) Buyer users can also contact us for any questions via Live Help, including information services, products’ services, logistics services, procurement services, marketing services, branding services and advertising services, etc.

2. Supplier Users
    a) The platform provides product’s services and marketing services to supplier users. The supplier through the Amanbo to release products, view the product off the shelf, check the buyer transaction information, and can voluntarily choose Amanbo to provide free or value-added marketing services. After registering, the supplier users can enjoy up to eight free product upload service. If you would like to continue publishing product information, upload qualification documents for qualification verification, through the verification can be unrestricted release of products.
    b) Suppliers shouldn't sell the products that are prohibited or lawbreaking of the country where the market is located.
    c) After buyer users submitting booking product orders through Amanbo platform, supplier users must actively cooperate with Amanbo platform to promptly get ready for the booking products, help the buyer users to complete the sales transaction, and provide buyer users with after-sales service if necessary.
    d) The product information must be real and effective, supplier users are requested to update and maintain product information, will not mislead buyers. Supplier users are requested to bear the damage caused by the incorrect product information.
    e) Supplier users consulting through online service with your account/shops or with all issues related to the use of Amanbo platform.

II. Registration Terms

If you register to become a member of Amanbo, you must be in accordance with the requirements of Amanbo, provide true, accurate, immediate and complete personal information, including, but not limited to, your name, address, telephone number, email address; Maintain and promptly update your information to keep it true, accurate, immediate and complete.
Users agree to abide by the "PRC State Secrets Law," "PRC Computer Information System Security Protection Ordinance", "Computer Software Protection Regulations" and other related computer and Internet laws, regulations and implementation. In any case, TOAFRICA platform in the reasonable opinion of users’ possible violations of the laws and regulations, and TOAFRICA platform may terminate providing service to the users without prior notice at any time. Users should be aware of the Internet's borderless, should pay special attention to comply with all relevant local laws and regulations.
If you on behalf of other natural people, legal people and other organizations registered members at Amanbo, you represent and grantee that you are authorized and entitled to make the aforementioned legal entities are bound by this agreement.

III. Terms for Usage

    1. When you use the Amanbo website you will ensure compliance with the laws, rules and regulations of the country, on compliance with the Amanbo agreements, regulations, rules, procedures and practices, you must not use the Amanbo to engage in any unlawful activity.
    2. During the registration process, you are free to choose a login name and password. After successful registration, you are entitled to use the login name and password to access Amanbo. You should take care of your Amanbo login and password and be responsible for all the activities conducted through the account. In case your carelessness, login name and password are leaked, it could lead to.
    3. You should make sure that you log out the account after using Amanbo, to ensure account security.
    4. Amanbo prohibits any unauthorized account sale or use, you immediately inform Amanbo in case of such behavior.
    5. To protect your legitimate interests, when you need to change your important registration information, you should modify after providing valid document for Amanbo, and reviewed by the customer service personnel.
    6. You’re independent assume all responsibilities of the truthfulness, accuracy, immediacy, completeness and legitimacy of all the information included, but not limited to personal information, business information, included. Not limited to: text, images and videos that is published though Amanbo.
    7. All Amanbo notification will be sent to your email address in e-mail, if you change the registered e-mail address, we will prevail in the new mailbox to send mail.
    8. The following information was not released on
      ▪ About politics, religion, race or gender and any other derogatory words contain obscene, pornographic, abusive, defamatory content.
      ▪ Information that infringes any third party's copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, rights of privacy, reputation right or any other rights.
      ▪ Various countries banned the trading of product information, specific reference to "prohibit the publication of the list of keywords".
      ▪ If Amanbo think it should ban, or the product information is not suitable for publishing and trading on the Amanbo.
      ▪ Any other information that is in violation of national laws, rules and regulations.
      ▪ Please consult the web site customer care service on specific circumstances.
    9. Amanbo reserves the rights to audit, issued, or delete information submitted by members. Amanbo will try to verify information submitted by members, but does not completely guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, and validity of information, also does not assume any legal responsibility from it.
    10. For you to choose and published in Amanbo publicly available regional companies, products or other information, (including, but not limited to text, pictures, video), announced default you agree Amanbo owns the right to use, you agree Amanbo harmless from any liability arising due to the information , in the case of unchanged substance of the information that you provided.

IV. Information Collection

    1. When you register to become a member in Amanbo, Amanbo needs to collect your name, e-mail (Email) address and other information. When you browse the Amanbo Web, the server automatically collects your IP address and browser pages and other information. Meanwhile, Amanbo collects supplier users and their products information, and the buyer users demand information to build the database systems.
    2. Unless the user permission or legal needs, Amanbo will not disclose such information directly related to a user.

V. Fee

Buyer users and supplier users do not need to bear any costs when registering in Amanbo. When supplier users ordering use the value-added services, the platform will charge a service fee, Refer to: Corresponding cost standard that is posted on the Amanbo website or directly to the Amanbo staff consultation. Amanbo reserves the right to modify the terms of the costs, once the cost of provision is modified, it will be published on Amanbo.

VI. Disputes, Controversy and Complaints handling

    1. User agrees that in using Amanbo, when found any possible violation of rights themselves or Amanbo, will promptly notify Amanbo and provide the appropriate documents. The reasons are complaints are not real that losses to Amanbo or third party, users should bear legal responsibility.
    2. Amanbo reserves the rights to deal with dispute, controversy and complaints between you and other users during usage Amanbo, have the rights to understand the situation via e-mail and other contact information, and notify the other party via email. You are obliged to provide appropriate information within the specified time upon receipt notify of Amanbo, and coordinate the understanding and treatment of dispute, controversy and complaints.
    3. After entry into force of legal, agreements, confirmation user existence illegal or breaches this agreement Amanbo will judge members suspected of illegal or in violation of this agreement. Amanbo has the right to publish the user's offense and make the appropriate action including termination of service, permanent prohibition of the use of Amanbo e.t.c.

VII. Suspension and Termination

For the following user behavior, Amanbo has the right to suspend or terminate its related services in situation that informed or did not inform or to reject the use of Amanbo in any form, does not assume any responsibility that caused you to reduce service and other issues, and reserves the right to investigate your legal liability.
    1. Supplier member business license information and personal information is notconsistent, personal information is not updated in a timely manner, or the actual business license information and license information is not consistent.
    2. Repeatedly publish the information released by Amanbo, (The same product multiple / repetitive release) publish the information prohibit or restrict of national laws and regulations, publish the information does not belong to the membership range of business, or the information irrelevant of Amanbo service.
    3. Sending a large number of unrequested or unauthorized messages unrelated to Amanbo members.
    4. Fraudulent use of the name of other companies to publish business information, do commercial activities.
    5. Planned destruction, attacked the Amanbo network computer systems, the integrity of the network, or attempted to enter unauthorized the computer systems, network of Amanbo website.
    6. Using or providing containing destroyed, interference, intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information of any computer viruses, computer worms, camouflage destruction procedures, timing program bombs or other destructive programs.
    7. Misappropriation of others in Amanbo’s login name and / or password.
    8. The behavior of sell or authorize the use of the account without the consent of Amanbo.
    9. Through or engage in fraudulent activities involving Amanbo.
    10. Through or engaged in the infringement of intellectual property rights involving the Amanbo.
    11. Violation of state laws and regulations, rules and regulations, Amanbo relevant agreements, regulations, rules, procedures and practices of other acts.
    12. Publish trademark or patent infringement involving products.
    13. Release of inspect bureau banned products or information.

VIII. The Responsibility Statement

    1. Amanbo does not give any guarantee that the site is undisturbed, no failure,or usage.
    2. Amanbo will do its utmost to reduce errors, but the service and information provided on this site may still contain errors content, Amanbo is not legally responsible for the losses arising out of user who decide to use the Amanbo.
    3. The user’s own risk due to the use of Amanbo.
    4. Amanbo only provide trading platform, it’s unrelated with conflicts generated by the interests of suppliers and buyers and the losses, Amanbo platform is only responsible for the coordination.     5. For any liability for reasons beyond the Company's reasonable control range, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, acts of government, communications or other facilities failure, causing the company to delay or failure to perform, Amanbo will not assume any liability for you.
    6. The agreement will be updated from time to time. There’s no need inform the users when the agreement is updated, and at the moment the new agreement will immediately enter into force.

IX. Intellectual Property Rights

    1. The selection of all content on the website, organize, layout, typesetting compilation, and copyright of creation of text, images and other works, at Amanbo all, whether express. Without written authorization or permission by Amanbo, any natural people, legal people and other organizations may not modify, publish, transmit, participate in the propagation and sale of, create derivative works, or in any other way to use whole or in part Amanbo website, including, but not limited company information, product information, Amanbo reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibility.
    2. Without Amanbo authorization, no person will use Amanbo web design, use, and all related trademarks, and all other trademarks appearing in Amanbo website for all of their respective rights holders.
    3. Amanbo owns the intellectual property rights on the development or cooperative development system. All the rights of Amanbo are protected by the law.
    4. All data that can be read on Amanbo are protected by “the People Republic of China copyright law,” “the People's Republic of China trademark law” and other laws. Amanbo respect and protect intellectual property rights of others, are not allowed in the absence of copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights of people explicit permission, publish or disseminate any information that may infringe the rights of others, pictures, Otherwise, the behavior person to assume the responsibility of the resulting.

X. Applicable law and jurisdiction

    1. The agreement entered into, modification, execution and interpretation, and solve and disputes relating to this agreement, will apply to the People’s Republic of China law. Such as in connection with this Agreement for specific issues of lack of clear legal provisions, reference should be made to general international commercial practices and practices of the industry.
    2. As a result of the contents of the agreement or the execution of any dispute, both sides should be resolved through friendly consultations; consultation fails, either party can institute legal proceedings in the courts which have jurisdiction that Amanbo located.

XI. Right of Interpretation

The final interpretation of the registration agreement is for all Amanbo sites. If there are relevant laws of any of the terms and national conflict, to the national law expressly provisions will prevail.